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Face Painter, Are You An Artist?

Long story short, yes!

Short story long...I've been face painting in Detroit (my hometown) and it's been exciting! Not only is it a way for me to make a living, but I get to give a fun art-based experience to my community and spread happiness! The joy I experience when face painting is unlike any other experience I've had as an artist! You get to sit with someone who wants your service and is excited about it! Sometimes, you're someone's first experience with an artist! As a face painter, the most frequently asked question will be, "Are you an artist?"

Well, for me, I've always been an artist. Since a kid, I've partaken in a plethora of the arts, "partaken" as in, I'm absolutely a well-seasoned and experienced poet, writer, painter, drawer, musician, designer, and creator altogether. I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, so there's no convincing anyone otherwise--I'm undoubtedly an artist. And you are too.

All face painters are artists. Great artists at that! Face painting lets us actually be a work of art! Face painting takes skill, talent, and training--it isn't as easy as it looks. So, next time your face painting and someone asks, "Are you an artist?" Speak for all of us when you say, "Yes!"

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Yes! Thank you because I sure feel creative when I'm face painting.

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